Simple Hacks to Stay Consistent

simple hacks to stay consistent

Rarely does major progress come from a one-time effort. Most successful people attribute their results to a consistent effort in one direction.

How do you feel about the concept of being consistent? Have you developed methods in your life to stay consistent or does the idea elude you?

Here are a few things I return to in order to stay consistent:

The Blinders-On Hack

“Keep your blinders on.”

Motivation is a feeling and we all know feelings are fickle. So when it fades it will be your ‘why’ that pulls you through.

Perhaps it’s the lifestyle you want to live or the dream to take a parent abroad, but keeping this ‘why’ at the front of your mind during times of slowed progress is key.

I believe it’s important to remember that results don’t always keep up with effort. They move at different paces but the consistency of your actions eventually catches up.

The Automation Hack

There may be dozens of tasks you do every week, but chances are they fall under only 4 or 5 different umbrellas.

Once I examined the ultimate goal behind all the things I was busying myself with each week I was able to condensed them.

What took 50+ hours now took less than 30. Developing these few repeatable processes were an easier way to actually move the needle.

For example, sending PR emails for my handbag business can be exhausting. Instead of spending 2-3 hours per week sending emails, I consider anything story-worthy I’m working on and plan out 2 emails per week to each press person in my contacts about once per month. 

This allows me to keep this time-consuming task to a minimum AND for me to stay top-of-mind when my contact has a story where my product makes sense.

The Moment of Inspiration Hack

Like motivation, inspiration comes and goes. It’s generally unpredictable but when it happens, I like to get all of my difficult tasks out of the way.

Also, sometimes making just one move will open up the floodgates of inspiration. Just getting started on a task is often enough.

In other words, take advantage of those moments of inspiration to set up your automations and repeatable process so that in the coming weeks - you can stay consistent!

The “It’s All Ultimately Serving Your Goal” Hack

It’s easy to feel pressure to be ‘on’ 100% of the time. However, it’s not only unsustainable but unhealthy. Sometime recently shared the idea with me to think of all my actions, whether goal-oriented or not, as part of the ultimate goal.

Thus, the time off is necessary to reach the goal.

Let it serve as inspiration.

The Second Project Hack

If I find that I simply cannot get motivated in my handbag business, I have another project (which I won’t mention here) that helps me refocus.

Spending a few days on something entirely different allows me to return with new eyes and a fresh perspective.