The Fall Fashion Hack for Instant Chic

Chic style tips

Keeping up with the new trends each season can be incredibly overwhelming. Not only do we start thinking we need a new wardrobe, but we also don't know where to start. At Angela Mariah, we strongly believe in the less is more philosophy, and taking the time to find simple but impactful pieces is the key to elegance. We've kept this value consistent in everything we do during our design and creation process and like to call it the minimalistic maximalism approach.

In fashion, this approach calls for a few go-to statement staples that can be interchanged with virtually everything else in your closet. You can often keep the rest of your wardrobe simply by incorporating a few chic staples that fully reflect your personality.

Here are three go-to's to add instant chic & hack your Fall wardrobe:

white duster trench coat

1. The Duster Trench

A long flowing trench = automatic elegance. The length adds dimension not possible with a shorter style and it also elongates your silhouette. Find one in a bold yet neutral color like this winter white and pair it with almost anything.

Above is a great example from Le Merceau, a brand I found on The Dreslyn.


bougie fur scarf

2. A Dramatic Scarf

Printed silk, faux fur, or a scarf so big it doubles as a cape - nothing adds drama like a statement scarf. This faux fur one from Moda Operandi is eye-catching and adds luxury to any simple look.

Fabulous Furs, a Kentucky-based company also has a wide selection.


chic red vintage handbag

3. The Statement Bag

Shameless Self-Promotion Alert. But we think our bag is so relevant to the topic of making a simple but impactful statement.

In case you missed it, we're all about the handbag here at Angela Mariah. Almost nothing can so quickly elevate an outfit and boost your confidence like a high-quality bag. The Colossal bag, from our new Sérendipité Collection completed the vintage vibe for the modern woman.

Taking the minimalistic maximalism approach could mean something else for you. It's all about finding a few staple pieces you can interchange with almost everything. It's simple when your staple items are eye-catching and bold.

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