Inspired by Angelina Jolie (as Mrs. Smith)

Inspired by Angelina Jolie (as Mrs. Smith)

Mrs Smith Jolie

"I always had too much energy for the room I was in."

This is not a Mrs. Smith specific quote but one I read by Angelina Jolie recently. I can relate. I used to have a desk job where it was quiet most of the day. I often felt like getting up from my chair and taking a lap around the block. I would have been suited for something more active or social. Luckily I found a love for designing which has allowed me Live a more creative and inspired life.
In the movie, Jolie plays a mysterious spy who's both elegant and dangerous. She's gone undercover as a hitwoman to kill her equally dangerous husband. Here's the Mrs. Smith Inspired Style Guide for when you feel like being incognito either in a new city or as an undercover tourist in your own town.


mrs. smith inspired style guide

Pictured above

The Dress (Krista K Boutique)

Mrs. Smith is all about a dark and mysterious aesthetic; think black lace and patent leather. This dress from Krista K boutique (a Chicago must-see) is the perfect place to start.

The Shoes

Go with patent leather when it comes to your pumps or boots for the perfect amount of edge.


As far as makeup goes I was inspired by Toast of New York by Revlon, which my sister used to be obsessed with. This shade perfectly represents the mystery and allure of any spy. However, the overall makeup look of Mrs. Smith is 'understated glam' and you can see a tutorial here.

You also want some smart accessories. This smart watch looks like a normal watch but it actually has GPS technology.


raven bag
The Bag
The Raven, the original Angela Mariah bag perfectly embodies the Mrs. Smith mentality: mysterious femininity and functional features. The spacious design and crossbody strap allow for all your adventures. The classic aesthetic and signature "beak" clasp remind you to stay bold and take flight in your life.

In related news.....

There are many forgotten women of history; women who shaped influenced culture and society as we know it today. Sadly, many are not mentioned in the history books or brought up when discussing former times.

One such is Agent 355, a forgotten spy who is said to have been one of George Washington's most trusted right hand women during the Revolutionary War. While her true identity is unknown she was a member of America's first elite spy ring in New York City. Find The Diary of Agent 355 here.

And read about a myriad of other influential but under represented woman in this article.

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