Inspired by Sophia Loren

sophia loren

"Mistakes are the dues one pays for a full life."

This week's Quote to Live By comes from the impossibly chic Sophia Loren. The Lucky to Be a Woman actress reminds us that mistakes are bound to be made and we'd hardly make any progress in life without them.
It's easy to believe everything should go smoothly the first time though. I often felt this way when Angela Mariah Handbags was beginning. There were unexpected challenges at every step and often ones I couldn't anticipate.
I believe that owning your story and putting yourself out there when it comes to pursuing your dreams, while making yourself more susceptible to ridicule, is the only way to reach the success you desire. And sometimes the only way to reach the place you want to be is through repeated "learning lessons".
So, reframe any judgement you have on yourself for past mistakes. Know that they are only taking you to the next stage of life.
Your full life demands it.
Sophia Loren Style


Sophia Loren Inspired Style is pretty easy to channel. It's all about bold colors, prints, and accessories. If you're wondering when to break out that sparkly dress, or those bright red pumps, now's the time. That's the Loren mantra anyway.

Think polka-dots, metallic shoes, and bold jewel tones. Channeling Loren also is a great excuse for a hat. That's right, beautiful hats aren't just for the Kentucky Derby.

(Pictured above)

sweetheart neckline


sophia loren inspired style handbag

The Maraschino Colossal (Angela Mariah)

When it comes to your handbag, the Colossal bag literally embodies the Loren mentality: bold, timeless, & feminine. Its eye-catching color makes a dramatic statement for the woman who knows less is more and is selective with her accessorization.
interesting hat

My Beautiful Daughters

(Laura Violet), (Eric Dress)  

Verily Sophia Loren Makeup Tutorial

Old Hollywood Glam Makeup Tutorial

Sophia Loren inspired style doesn't stop there. This Verily post does an excellent job of breaking down Sophia's infamous cat-eye step by step. It's also about accentuating what you do have and presenting a more glamorous version of your own natural beauty.

thai spaghetti

The Recipe: A Modern Twist on a Classic

"Everything You See, I Owe to Spaghetti"

Reimagine your boring box of spaghetti with this Southwest infused recipe. It's a healthy summer twist on the old classic. With its decadent spices like sesame and ginger root, you can feel great about indulging in this comfort food.

Sophia Loren encourages confidence and celebration of the enjoyments of life. She is never one of excess, but just the right amount of maximalism.