“Don’t Rush Your Progress”: A Day with Eddia Watts

eve of autumn eddia watts jilian ridgeway

I had the pleasure of meeting Eddia during September's New York Fashion Week and immediately was drawn to her. As I learned more about her, I discovered she was much more than tall and beautiful.

An avid writer, at only 20 years old, Eddia is a twice published novelist. One of her books, "Elena: The Beginning" is about an assassin who takes on the mission of overthrowing madwoman Rachel Perone, who has taken over the country. Her other book is a short read about the trials and tribulations of a broken heart.

But she doesn't stop there. Eddia has been involved in modeling and pageantry for several years, recently walking for Dominion Couture at the opening of HiTech Moda during New York Fashion Week.

When I asked Eddia for any words of wisdom, considering she is just 20 and so accomplished she said this:

"It's all about timing. Don't try to rush a dream or an aspiration because right now may not be it. It may not be the perfect time for everything to go right for you. Don't stress about adhering to the 'perfect timeline' because there isn't any such thing."

eve of autumn eddia watts jilian ridgeway

eve of autumn eddia watts jilian ridgeway

Eddia and photographer Jillian Ridgeway teamed up for the 'Eve of Autumn' shoot and collaboration in Jersey.

Eddia is currently studying creative and liberal arts at New Jersey City Universal and Brookdale College. She has several goals including continuing her writing career - she plans to eventually have a best-seller and write for Conde' Nast. She also is furthering her modeling career and plans to focus on print. Don't be surprised if you see her in an upcoming ad for major companies! Eddia is a smart and determined young woman, sure to accomplish her goals.