Mentality Monday - The Power in Helping Others

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I love Les Brown. His words of encouragement and motivation have propelled me through so many times. I love how he is down to earth and stays realistic about the struggles we're sure to encounter on a regular basis: "We're either just coming out of a situation, in the middle of one, or on the way into one," he says.

On the topic of success, I love this mentality of helping others to achieve THEIR dreams in order to achieve yours. I recently was discussing some collaboration opportunities with a fellow business owner in my city. As a way to market a new iPhone app he created he is currently producing free commercials for local companies.

"When I help others win, they win, but I win too!" he explained.

This is so true in my experience. Carving out time to assist others not only has a positive karmic effect on my own but also allows my perception to do a sort of 'refresh'. I can then return to my original project with new eyes.

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 Taking Our Own Advice

It's been months since people have been able to get out and collaborate with others and studio photography has been at a standstill.

In celebration of our mission to inspire confidence and inner transformation we've been doing FREE social-distance photo shoots for women in our city.

Having great photos of yourself is always an immediate boost to your confidence.

Next we're looking into how to expand this initiative into women's transitional facilities and organizations, like Dress for Success, where building confidence is key.