Monday Mantra - Start Before You're Ready

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Starting before you’re ready is a popular sentiment when it comes from taking action toward a goal before you have the entire step-by-step process figured out. It doesn’t matter what it is; a bike race, a new business, or an interior design project, this sentiment has been a game-changer for me when it comes to making progress.

I remember when I really wanted to start a business back in 2014. I had many ideas but at the time I didn’t have a solid idea in place. I thought about starting a fashion truck (“Trends on Treads”), various tech-y apps, and some office inventions that would improve day-to-day ergonomics. But most ideas didn’t make sense for my level of (or lack of) business experience & besides, were too costly. And none seemed worth pitching an investor.

In order to manufacture the feeling I desired – one where I was able to contemplate strategy and have some creative control, I started a tee-shirt company that I planned to sell at fitness competitions. I had exactly one design and $300 to spend.

Even though I wasn’t passionate about tee shirts - or fitness - I decided to start running a business BEFORE I was ready; before I had landed on “the business”.

This venture was short lived, as it lacked the passion, market, and solid business model a new business should have to survive, but it exposed me to all the skills I did NOT have. It helped me realize that starting a new thing is more than just buying some inventory. It showed me how much I had to learn.

That’s one reason starting BEFORE you’re ready will aid you on your path to the next level.

In another scenario, starting before you’re ready will propel you to rapidly assimilate. You’ll rise to the occasion. You’ll learn the skills, put in the work and “step up” in order to make it happen. This was the case for me in going on various international trips.

I knew I wasn’t a great money saver; that if I set a goal to save $x for traveling it likely wouldn’t happen. So instead I just purchased plane tickets about 4 months in advance.

Suddenly, I’d gain the energy and ingenuity to come up with money from all sorts of places to make the trip happen. This technique works also when training for a competition or race. My friend schedules bike races before she has started training in order to get the spark needed to take action.

I think if you pair passion with ‘starting before you’re ready’, then you get the energy to do it. If you’re missing the passion or at least a compelling reason, you’ll slack off and your deficiencies will pile up. Either way you’ll learn.