4 Nail Colors That are Just as Classic as Red

red nails classic chic

While red nails might be the go to for a classic look, there are a few other colors that top the list when it comes to looking polished (no pun intended) and timeless.

nude natural nails

1) Nude

A shade very close to your natural skin color lengthens the hands and goes well with everything. Very presidential!

light nude nail color

2) Light nude

This one is similar to nude but it's more of a very light pink: a few shades lighter than your natural skin color. It creates more of a contrasting look.

coffee nailscoffee brown nails

3) Coffee

Coffee and chocolate colored nails remind you of some of the best things in life. Pair with a light colored ensemble.

black nails

4) Black

Think black nails can't be chic? Think again. These glossy and matte options prove you don’t have to doing the gothic look to pull them off.

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