A Win for Your Work Wardrobe - and the Slow Fashion Movement

slow fashion movement, green handbag

People are becoming mindful of all the collateral damage of fast fashion. Facts such as the fashion industry's environmental impact being larger than the airline industry have come out prompting many people to seek more responsible brands to fill their wardrobes. Finding fashion you like, while being cognizant of carbon emissions and sustainability is more important than ever.

When I started Angela Mariah I was admittedly enchanted by established brands ability to release dozens of bags per season. I had at least 10 bag ideas I wanted to immediately createI calculated the potential costs of trial and error as well as manufacturing minimums and realized starting small was the most viable option.

I soon realized starting small would mean keeping things simple while focusing on classic shapes and versatility in my designs. It would inspire a timeless rather than trendy aesthetic and would also support the slow-fashion movement. A win-win for the wearer and the environment.

I used information acquired during prototype testing and studied vintage bag designs to achieve this balance. Designing with a classic aesthetic has always been my goal. I want each bag to have a hint of nostalgia as well as contemporary edge.

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