Dress for Success

getting involved with dress for success

Economic empowerment for women looks different depending on if you are in the USA, Guatemala City, or Kathmandu.

In countries where women's inequality is more pronounced, the Dress for Success mission reaches women not only on a personal level but on a human rights level. It provides the tools to not only be a resource to oneself but to others in the community as well.


Amita, the founder of Dress for Success in Nepal saw firsthand a level of poverty that inspired her to open a chapter. On the Dress for Success: Stories Section, she speaks of how becoming economically independent curtails the frustration that may result in a divorce or other circumstances. There are many layers to economic independence for women, and Amita's chapter focuses on building confidence in women so that they may dream bigger.


For Sandra's chapter in Belgrade, Serbia, the Dress for Success mission is important to the overall political landscape. The chapter is regularly involved in awareness campaigns in a country where women lack access to jobs and education.

"Women are one of the most important links for success in society," says Sandra.


Kehaulani, the director of the Hawaiin chapter says one of the biggest issues in the community is the high cost of living and limited availability of jobs. She says she knows she is making an impact for the women in her community and that Dress for Success provides more than just a suit.

She says the organization gives women confidence and fulfillment from being able to support their families and children.

So whether your closest chapter's main focus is providing professional attire or is advocating for human rights, the Dress for Success mission touches not just the individual woman, but the community as a whole.

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