Find Your Power Colors for the Office and Beyond

Find Your Power Colors for the Office and Beyond

Going grey? As a CPA turned handbag designer, I've been influenced by women who do bold and colorful officewear well. Incorporating colors into the workweek might have psychological benefits that help you achieve your goals while looking glam.

These Instagrammers will help you choose your power color based on your intention:



@corporate_curly radiates energy and passion in this bold monochrome look. Red is known to attract the most attention and conveys strength and courage. At work, this color hints at your ability to build and leverage relationships, coordinate key players, and keep things moving. 



Amal Clooney is the ultimate muse around here. Herr orange dress depicts confidence and success. Orange represents creativity, enthusiasm, and balance. A positive color, wearing orange is sure to lighten the mood in a tense situation.



From The Realist blogger @kendall_becker is a symbol of relaxed-chic in this cute yellow suit. It reinforces warmth, friendliness, and approachability. Yellow is also associated with happiness and a carefree lifestyle.



@buhle_m is a total boss in mint green, which conveys focus and trustworthiness. It is also stands for being systematic and might be a good choice for a negotiation.


Blue: A vibrant color that still portrays conservatism and self-control. It's usually an office favorite anyway, but it's more fun to turn up the radiance in the summer months. Here's @thatcorporatechic looking fierce in all blue.

purple suit


@jasnauskaite looks royal in this purple two piece. This color conveys leadership and authority and is even known to trigger creativity. Purple is also considered a sophisticated color and inspires likeability in the wearer.


Last but never least, pink makes an appearance on @navygraceblog. Pink is the epitome of feminity and the go-to if you're not concerned about blending in.

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