The Handbag Collection Inspired by Birds

handbag inspired by birds

Birds have symbolized freedom, wisdom and power throughout history and literature. Ancient cultures revered birds for their ability to touch the heavens, swim the seas and walk on earth.

Influential women have also long been associated with birds. Among them, the Egyptian goddess Isis is often depicted with her arms spread open and flowing with feathers.

My collection of chic bird-inspired bags revives this symbol in a subtle, yet compelling way. I was initially drawn to handbags for the almost architectural quality of a great structured bag. As a sewing novice, I cut my first clutch with too sharp an angle which to me, especially after several hours of sleep-deprived working in the studio, resembled the beak of a bird.

This sewing mishap inspired me to dream up an entire collection of bird-inspired bags. Bold colors and a 'beak' clasp were used to complete the theme.

The Fall Collection launches soon. Add your email below to see it first: