The New Vintage: The Timeless Bag for Timeless Women

Vintage inspired handbag with girl

While working as a an accountant in downtown Chicago, I noticed most of the women in the office all carried similar bags; large square totes that got the job done but didn't have much personality. While those blank square totes were nice, I felt they screamed "work" & were boring to wear any other time.

I was personally attracted to vintage bags which seemed to have more character. However, vintage options meant buying second-hand and while good for the environment, the wear-and-tear had often already taken place.

I started Angela Mariah to design bags with the classic intrigue of the vintage styles but with the versatility & functionality of a modern work bag: bags women would enjoy wearing after-hours.

To do this, I spent some time studying what makes a vintage bag so alluring. Common themes were a bulbous shape, flap closure, and top handle. I used these for inspiration but still wanted my bags to have a contemporary edge.

To modernize them, I added the signature bird-inspired 'beak' clasp and sharp geometric lines. These along with stand-out colors and sleek textures came together to inspire confidence, movement, and focus - three things every professional woman on the go needs to succeed.

I want each Angela Mariah bag to inspire bold new adventures and contain a hint of nostalgia. So if you're wondering where to find the best classy bag for work and beyond, well, that's pretty much my mission.

the colossal bag in maraschino


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