Where Does Confidence Come From?

kerry washington

I feel increasingly confident as each year passes. I often hear people a few years older agree and say that confidence simply tends to increase over time. Perhaps we become more comfortable with our place in the world and are sure about what to expect day to day. Perhaps getting older translates to caring less about what people outside the immediate circle think and it's these things make one feel more confident.

Still there are situations where these feelings don’t carry over: in a new professional setting, starting a business, or even navigating a new group of friends. What to do in these times when your usually confident attitude doesn’t carry over?

"Self awareness is the key to self-mastery."

First, it is important to note that confidence is believed to be at least 50% genetic. This sounds like a lot but it actually leaves a lot of room for improvement. This article suggests that confidence (the learned kind) comes from clarity and self-awareness. Using these things to develop an elevator pitch about who you are and where you intend to go can be beneficial.

Even if it feels scripted, having a little something prepared for new professional and even romantic endeavors can come in handy when navigating the social spheres.

Here’s a condensed version of what the article prescribes for creating your own elevator pitch.

  1. You name and place of employment/new business/current project
  2. Related interests/current project you're working on/your ultimate goal
  3. Find commonality with person you’re speaking with
  4. End with a call to action ("Want to schedule coffee?" "I'll call you next week.")

This speaking style can be beneficial when meeting anyone new: being to the point, finding commonalities, and taking the initiative to move the relationship forward (where applicable).

Now that you have your elevator pitch, here are a few ways to manufacture feelings of confidence in a pinch. 

The Elevator “Stitch”

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