Elevate Your 8-5: Workwear Instagrammers to Follow Now

rosie huntington whitley work wear style

It's easy to fall into thinking you must follow all the rules when it comes to dressing for work. There are countless guides to work wardrobe basics which, at best, will have you looking like everyone else at the office. If you're bored with your current rotation look no further than the below for some inspiration. These Instagrammers prove there's no one way to style your corporate wardrobe.

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If you want to embrace the feminine...

@zeinab_ozigi combines feminine with professionalism very well. She finds a way to style midi-dresses, silk scarves, and luxurious textures into perfect office looks. There's also something uniquely vintage about her style.

If you like some edge...

majamarko7 workwear inspiration
@majamarko7 seems to always look pulled together and professional. However, she incorporates something edgy & unexpected.

If you're feeling luxurious...

luxurious workwear
@personalshoppeuse is the go to for luxurious office inspiration. She's also both a personal shopper and a certified image consultant.

If you want to keep things classic...

nessa cobb work wear inspo

If you revel in the versatility of the basics, Nessa Cobb's coffee_and_corporatestyles blog and Instagram make for great inspiration.

If you're in cooler weather...

mia in chicago poncho look for work
Mysterious Mia in Chicago keeps cool weather office looks cool. She incorporated unique shapes such as this asymmetrical poncho into the traditional work silhouette.

If you want to add some color...

corporate slay pops of color

@corporateslay, lawyer and fashion enthusiast regularly incorporates bold pops of color into her corporate wardrobe. Look to her inspiration for ideas on using bright blue, pink, and orange.