Handbags for Economic Empowerment: Our Partnership with Dress for Success

dress for success

When it comes to reaching your goals, preparation is only half the battle. Showing up with confidence ensures your hard work is well received. Of course, much of confidence is an inside job. And maybe you’re already ready to tackle your goals head-on. However, we believe what you wear shouldn’t be discounted from the confidence equation.

We wanted to partner with an organization knew that wardrobe was more than just a frivolous addition in the attainment of economic empowerment and self-sufficiency. We chose Dress for Success Louisville, who is dedicated to making the world an easier place for women to navigate and prosper.

Helping over 16,000 women from over 100 member agencies break the cycle of poverty, Dress for Success Louisville provides women with tools for the journey to self-sufficiency. The Dress for Success career development program starts with a professional wardrobe.

So maybe you're ready to tackle your goals head on. But if there’s room for extra impact practice your lines, touch up your nails, and take the Colossal bag on your next mission - 10% of our Fall collection profits go to the Dress for Success Louisville mission.