Less is More: Supporting Slow Fashion Through Timeless, Versatile Design

Versatile Handbags

When I started Angela Mariah I had at least 10 bag ideas I wanted to pursue and was admittedly inspired by large, established brands who put out this many designs per season and more. I began polling my friends and even strangers for their opinions and preferences when it came to a day-to-day handbag. They voted on sketches and many favorites were revealed.

However, I wanted to support slow fashion and producing them all would go against this mission. How was I going to respond to the needs of my audience, my vision for the brand, and stay true to the slow fashion movement?

I realized that there were a few commonalities between the favorite bags and that I didn't need to produce all the bag ideas. I instead sought out to combine the best parts of each bag. It took months of product development, several rounds of samples, and a few seemingly perfect prototypes to realize the vision.

Limiting the collections to a few exclusive designs instead of producing every idea of the moment not only supports the slow-fashion movement, but encourages the creation of the most timeless, versatile design possible. A few simple touches were added to achieve a bag that adapts to your wardrobe and lifestyle season after season.

For example, the Corrinne bag can be worn as a crossbody, a belt bag (fanny pack), and a clutch using a changing strap methodology. The Dehlia bag can be worn "wings out" or "wings in" depending on your outfit and #currentmood.

Don't forget, the Serendipite Collection launches October 1st, so get on the list for exclusive discount codes and to see the collection first.