Sérendipité - Coming October 2019

The Handbag Collection Inspired by Birds

quail wallpaper

It sort of sounds silly to say out loud that my first collection was 'inspired by birds'. Immediately this brings to mind whimsical and perhaps bohemian vibes, but this is not where the collection ended up at all - and not what I was going for.

When I say birds what I really mean are the elements of freedom and flight they represent.

I found that the woman I wanted to create handbags for was often a newer working professional. Looking to cultivate an elegant and refined wardrobe her pieces need to be classics with outstanding quality.

I truly believe that when women look their best they feel their best. And of course a quality wardrobe is one way to begin showing up your best at work and in life. With this in mind I started hand-sewing small leather clutches; more cocktail party style than everyday bags. I was sewing a small inverted-V clutch with a sharp angle and in the wee hours of the evening and my lack of sleep, the flap sort of resembled the beak of a bird; a raven..

It clicked then that the women I'd been creating bags for were on a new chapter; in a new phase of life; they were 'taking flight'. While I didn't want to get too literal and start adding feathers and claws (although, do look out for the couture collection), I wanted my bags to represent this sentiment. I wanted my bags to inspire the wearer to be bold, take action, and move forward with passion and purpose.

Bird inspired handbag

The bold colors of the bags make a statement, while the classic aesthetic works for day to day wear. High quality pebble leather has been used as well as functional features, like exterior pockets and optional crossbody straps. The clasp was redesigned to resemble a beak and has been used on all the bags in this collection. It is my belief that confidence makes the woman. With confidence and a healthy sense of self-worth, the world is easier to navigate and asking for what you want is simple. While it all starts with your mentality, a properly cultivated outfit that suits your personal style, body type, and personal situation is an important aspect.

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