From Sketch to Shoulder

angela Mariah founder with structured top handle bag

Hi! I'm Tara, the creator and designer of Angela Mariah Handbags. I remember when I purchased my first “investment bag.” Up until that point I was fine with carrying those canvas totes you get as giveaways or for free at an event. I was in college and didn’t take personal style very seriously.

But as some point I made the decision to invest in a nice bag. I think it symbolized a shift subconsciously in how I viewed myself as a soon-to-be-professional. I realized a structured handbag was important to any polished wardrobe.

A few years later when I was looking for a creative outlet after work and ended up in a fabric shop on my lunch break, I gravitated toward the faux leathers. I decided to try and see my first bag that night.

When I accidentally cut the flap with a sharp angle I was at first disappointed that all my work had gone to waste.  I soon realized this mistake made the bag subtly resemble the beak of a bird and I became inspired to create an entire line of bird-inspired bags. But what would the rest of them look like?

I noticed that most of the women in the office building I worked in carried similar square tote bags. While these were fine for the office, I sensed that they carried them on their days (and nights) off too.

I had always loved the classic shapes of vintage bags. But of course it was difficult to find one in good condition.

Angela Mariah founder workdesk

While designing my first collection I pulled inspiration from their structured, bulbous shapes. I combined this with the sharp geometric lines of a bird's wingspan and beak.

Throughout history birds have stood for confidence and freedom and I seek to revive these symbols through my signature wingspan flap, sharp 'beak' clasp, and bold colors.

My design philosophy is "Classic but Extra". I like to say my bags have a vintage aesthetic with contemporary edge.

So who is Angela Mariah if not me? She represents the confident inner self who sets out to do something out of character and make memories.

I like to think every woman has an 'inner Angela'.

The Angela Mariah mission is for women everywhere to get outside of their comfort zone and break free from the confines of the typical square tote. My bags are for any woman who appreciates a timeless aesthetic with a contemporary edge.

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