handbag design

While working in a downtown Chicago office building, i noticed most of the women all carried similar bags. I always had a love for the vintage bags of the 50's and 60's but of course it was difficult to find one in good condition.

Feeling the need to a creative outlet, I began visiting the fabric and leather shops after work.  The vast Chicago architecture gave way to an interest in the structural quality of handbags. I would sometimes spend an hour trying to figure out how a complex design could become 3 dimensional.

Armed with a roll of faux crocodile, I began to cut the pieces for what would be the first clutch. I accidentally cut it's flap with a sharp angle that subtly resembled the beak of bird. From the shiny black material emerged the outline of a raven.

I immediately began contemplating an entire collection of bird-inspired bags: the cardinal, the dove, the jay, and of course the raven. Still, I wanted the references to be subtle; for the bags to simply embody the characteristics of birds.

Confidence, focus, going where you want boldly - these are things I want Angela Mariah to stand for. Find these symbols on each bag in the signature beak clasp and wingspan flap.