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Our Story


While working as a tax accountant, I found myself making handbags after work. Late one night, I accidentally cut the flap of a small clutch with a sharp angle which subtly resembled the beak of a bird. Little did I know this small mistake would serve as inspiration to create Angela Mariah Handbags, my line of bird-inspired bags.

"Birds have gained a reputation for freedom and wisdom throughout history and I believe a woman in her highest state holds many similarities to these flying creatures."

They are fierce and focused when diving toward their target yet they know how to enjoy the moment on a leisurely flight. We can look to their innate wisdom to create lives of balance; taking charge fearlessly when pursuing our goals while spending time to appreciate where we're currently at.

I've combined the masculine "do" and feminine "be" elements on my bags. The signature sharp pointed beak represents the fearless pursuit of your goals while the curve of the wingspan flap and overall feminine shape represents the importance of the experience. Angela Mariah Handbags serve as a stylish reminder soar toward your dreams and enjoy the journey.

Angela Mariah Handbags have made appearances around the globe and at Fashion Weeks all over the country.