From Sketch to Shoulder

I studied to be an accountant for several years but quickly realized this was not going to be the place for me to reach the women I wanted to - especially young women in transitional phases. Feeling creatively frustrated one day, I got the idea to stop into the local fabric shop after work.

I didn't know what I was looking for but I became mesmerized by the vast selection of leather. I decided I would attempt to sew a bag that night. I stayed up sewing until nearly 1am making my first clutch. I was a complete novice, and when I cut the flap with too sharp an angle, the beak of a bird appeared subtly in the shape.

I was immediately intrigued by the almost architectural quality of handbags, and as an all or nothing person, I began dreaming up an entire bird inspired collection.

handbag design
Birds have symbolized freedom, wisdom and power throughout history and literature and my collection revives this symbol in a subtle, yet compelling way.

Many women realize what you wear has a great impact on your level of confidence. I believe that a good handbag can take any look to the next level,.it can even make a very simple outfit look chic. With the right tools including feeling put together, women can take on anything.

No organization shares in this belief like Dress for Success. That's why Angela Mariah Handbags has partnered with Dress for Success Louisville, who has assisted more than 13,000 women on their journey to confidence and economic empowerment. 10% of the Sérendipité Collection profits go to their amazing mission.

I like to think of Angela Mariah as sort of a 'happy accident' on the journey of finding "my passion." It's been my opportunity to create a bag appropriate for the office that women actually want to wear after hours. So, maybe you're ready to make an impact. But if there's room for improvement practice your lines, touch up your nails, and grab the Colossal bag before heading out. 

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