Hi, I'm Tara - the founder & creator of Angela Mariah. I design structured, chic bags for the on-the-go woman with a classic yet bold sense of style. I know women have many options when it comes to handbags. My bags pair vintage-inspired shapes with head-turning colors & unique details.


I accidentally cut a bag I was making with a sharp point where the flap was. While I did have to scrap the sample, I realized it subtly resembled a bird's beak. I felt birds have many attributes that women do when we are at our best.

Birds are focused and confident while pursuing their next target. They are fierce and unstoppable; on the move - the masculine energy.

However, they are also known to create beauty in the sky & illuminate their space they occupy with music - the feminine energy.

So, are they the determined achiever or nature's artist? They are both. And women are too.


On each bag you'll find the signature bird-inspired beak clasp. It shares the same pointed shape as the original bag that inspired the brand.

 neutral aesthetic handbags 


As a longtime lover of all things nostalgic, it's no surprise that most of silhouettes I use give a nod to vintage designs. You'll find bulbous top-handle bags and retro stitching, updated with modern details and materials.


I can appreciate a soft hobo-bag or a do-it-all tote just as much as any woman with a mile-long to-do list. However, my bags are not meant to be all things to all women. My vision is to pair the masculine & feminine sides of design in a functional yet eye-catching way. I want my bags to be a go-to for a weekend of city errands and rooftop drinks. For Friday night Happy Hour and wherever the night leads. My bags are about balance and making a statement in a less-is-more way.

angela mariah vintage handbags


We inspire women to take their lives to the next level through inner transformation. We consistently give a portion of our profits to organizations that advance women's economic empowerment to support this mission.


We keep the sustainability of our supply chain in mind at every step. We produce in limited quantities and limit new releases as much as possible. We design with classic shapes that can be worn season after season and are moving toward animal-friendly materials as 2020 continues.