From Sketch to Shoulder

Originally inspired by birds, Angela Mariah launched in Chicago in 2019.

“The prototype of a leather clutch was cut with too sharp an angle, which after too many late nights in the studio, subtly resembled the beak of a bird.”

This happy accident propelled the creation of the In-Flight Collection, which consisted of the Cardinal and the Raven bag.

“As professional women began wearing them, I realized that handbags were so much more than an accessory. They took simple looks to the next level and added a sense of confidence, similar to a heel or red lipstick.”

It is said the outfit makes the woman, and at Angela Mariah, we believe the handbag makes the outfit. You do the math.

handbag design

Realizing the dream of a collection of bird inspired bags didn't happen overnight. The process of taking the first collection from Sketch to Shoulder took nearly a year.

We believe that luxury not only stems from aesthetics, but from versatility and adaptability as well. Making the most of your investment pieces is vital to perpetuating the slow fashion movement, which we support by releasing only two designs per season. We focus on high-quality leather and but impactful details, such as micro-suede interior lining and the signature 'beak' clasp.