Your 31 Personal Challenges are Here!


Doing: Taking action. Getting things done. Taking life to the next level.

Being: Creating beauty. Being present. Appreciating the little things.

These opposing aspects represent the balance that is found abundantly in nature. In her highest state, a woman is well-versed in both areas and able to call upon either aspect as she wishes. She is fierce and focused when pursuing her goals yet she knows how to slow down and enjoy the journey.

Since many of us are at home with extra time, I've created a list of ideas to challenge yourself in both the "doing" and "being" aspects of life - some for now, some for later.

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balance of birds

I used this sentiment as inspiration on my bird inspired bags, which are one of nature's greatest examples of balance. I've combined the masculine "do" and feminine "be" elements on my bags.

The signature pointed beak represents the fearless pursuit of one's goals while the curve of the wingspan flap and overall feminine shape represents the importance of the experience. Angela Mariah Handbags serve as a stylish reminder to soar toward your dreams and enjoy the journey.

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