3 Ways to Instantly Upgrade Any Look

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You can have the chicest wardrobe but if you're missing these three things, your presentation will fall flat. At Angela Mariah, we believe all women are beautiful and have the ability to make an entrance no matter where their going. Here's 3 ways to instantly upgrade any look:


Without an attitude of self-assurance, or at least the ability to fake it 'til you make it, even the most stunning gown won't deliver. Confidence is the first step to feeling good about what you're wearing and to fully be present. It allows you to have a sense of assurance that let's you focus and be a good listener without worry.

Good Posture

Along with confidence, simply remembering what you learned as a child will make sure that outfit you put all that effort into shows up how it was meant to. If you need a refresher, here's how to subconsciously cultivate good posture in all your activities.

A Structured Bag - the Ultimate Form of Self Expression

Handbags are our thing at Angela Mariah. I think they are the ultimate form of self-expression. Even more than shoes which are often chosen for practicality. Handbags have a way of speaking for your outlook on life and yourself as a whole and a good one is built to last. 

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