Our Mission

ETHOS & MISSION: We inspire women to take their lives to the next level through inner transformation. We consistently give a portion of our profits to organizations that advance women's economic empowerment to support this mission.
Currently, we are partnered with Dress for Success, which serves women in many different ways depending on what part of the world you're in. In countries where women's inequality is more pronounced, the Dress for Success mission reaches women not only on a personal level but on a human rights level. It provides the tools to not only be a resource to oneself but to others in the community as well.
Learn more about Dress for Success here.
THE SIGNATURE CLASP: The signature bird-inspired beak clasp embodies the ethos of Angela Mariah. Birds have gained a reputation for freedom and wisdom throughout history and a woman in her highest state holds many similarities to these flying creatures.
SUSTAINABILITY: We keep the sustainability of our supply chain in mind at every step. We produce in limited quantities and request our production partners utilize leftover materials. We design with classic shapes that can be worn season after season and are moving toward a 100% animal-friendly model as 2020 continues.