Less is More.

We don't believe you need 50 bags to have a complete & functional wardrobe.

Less is more, with interchangeable top handle, shoulder strap, crossbody, (plus a detachable chain) attachments, for on-the-go versatility.


Balance & Focus

The Signature Triangle Clasp

The signature triangle's represents balance & focus. Each side comes together to form a single fierce point of power for you to draw inspiration from.

Out & About

What will you be today?

The 'AM' logo

Affirm your power with the signature AM logo each day while wearing the 1201 Triad Bag.

I AM ________.

  • Vegan Leather

    We sourced the softest, most durable vegan leather we could find.

  • Microsuede

    Enjoy the ultimate, soft-touch interior.

  • Tweed Style Hidden Pocket

    Modern meets vintage with a touch of tweed inspired by grandma's closet.