Hi, I'm the founder & creator of Angela Mariah handbags.

My bags pair vintage-inspired shapes with versatile & unique details.

I don't believe you need 50 bags to have a complete & functional wardrobe.

Each bag is based on this Less is More philosophy.

From Sketch to Shoulder

Each bag starts with a series of sketches. Next, paper prototypes are created to test size and shape.

These are used to create wearable samples which are then voted into production by polling thousands of wearers.

We take into account preferences and feedback on each new creation we make!


Less is More.

Less is more, with interchangeable top handle, shoulder strap, crossbody, (plus a detachable chain) attachments, for on-the-go versatility.


Balance & Focus

The Signature Triangle Clasp

The signature triangle's represents balance & focus. Each side comes together to form a single fierce point of power for you to draw inspiration from.

What will you be today?

The 'AM' logo

Affirm your power with the signature AM logo each day while wearing the 1201 Triad Bag.

I AM ________.

  • Vegan Leather

    We sourced the softest, most durable vegan leather we could find.

  • Microsuede

    Enjoy the ultimate, soft-touch interior.

  • Tweed Style Hidden Pocket

    Modern meets vintage with a touch of tweed inspired by grandma's closet.

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